Dedicated Server Reseller Program

Start selling under your own name with Tele Asia's white labeled Dedicated Server Reseller Program. Tele Asia offers a 4 tier program that allows for quick progression and big savings!

LevelNumber of ServersDiscount
Entry2 - 510%
Silver6 - 1015%
Gold11 - 2020%

Tele Asia dedicated server resellers also benefit from the following:

Gold and Platinum resellers will also benefit from:

Level of discount applies only to the qualifying number of servers. i.e. if reseller has rented 15 dedicated servers, 5 servers receive 10% discount, 5 servers receive 15% discount and 5 servers receive 20% discount. Discounts are applied in order of registration date.

Referral Program

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Unlike most commission/referral programs, Tele Asia will continue to reward you for as long as your referral is with us. This means continuous payments compounding every month.

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You can earn up to 10% per client referred for the life of their service. There is no limit to how much you can earn.


The more you sell, the more you earn! We not only provide a monthly percentage of your referrals, we also give out bonus for referring set numbers of clients in a given month.

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