Instantly Provisioned SSD VPS Now Available

Tele Asia now offers high performance, KVM based, Virtual Private Servers.You can view our plans here: VPS nodes use only Enterprise grade hardware, utilizing the latest Xeon E3 v5 or v6 CPUs, DDR4 RAM, and high speed SSDs. Our nodes have been built with performance in mind, offering the fastest VPS ... Read More »

2nd Jul 2017
Website and Service Updates and Enhancements

We are currently in the midst of updating our product line and changes to the website are being made to reflect this.Further changes can be expected over the coming months, particularly to the look and feel of our client billing system. At present, we have adopted a basic design to help incorporate the latest changes.We recognize that our billing ... Read More »

2nd Jul 2017
Network Interruption (26/05/2015)

On May 26th 2015, from 13:14 to 13:31, we had experienced a DDOS attack that had affected the performance of the network. During the attack, access to the network may have been slower than usual with packet loss on some routes. Steps were taken immediately to mitigate the attack and after 17 minutes, the affects of the attack had been completely ... Read More »

26th May 2015
DOS Attack Nov 28th from 19:15 to 20:00

On November 28th 2014, we experienced some service interuption between 19:15pm and 20:00. Total affected period was approx 45 minutes. The cause of the interuption was found to be a server within our own network engaging what appeared to be a DOS attack. The size of the traffic was sufficient to strain one of our routers as there was an ... Read More »

28th Nov 2014
DDOS Attack, Tuesday 1st April

This morning, between 3:40am and 5:30am on April 1st 2014, our network had suffered from a severe distributed denial of service attack whereby our network had been saturated with UDP attack traffic. During this time, our network had suffered from intermittent outages and significant packet loss which would have significant adverse effects to the ... Read More »

1st Apr 2014
Power Maintenance Scheduled Saturday (8/Feb) 6PM to Sunday 6AM.

Works on our power systems will commence at 6PM and is expected to finish no later than 6AM the following morning.The power works include the following: All racks to be supplied with an STS to allow for multiple power supplies to the rack. Secondary power source will be supplied to each rack and utilizied by the STS. Upgrade power ... Read More »

7th Feb 2014
DDOS Attack, Wednesday 29th January

At approximately 4am (HKT), a DDOS attack was deteced. Our network remained accessible throughout the attack however perfromance during the initial stages of the attack may not have been as good as generally expected. The attacking IPs have been blocked and the network is currently operating within normal parameters.

29th Jan 2014
Network Outage

At around 11PM, Saturday 25January, our network suffered a severe outage. The cause was found to be a faulty virtual network switch in a VPS node. Although a ‘broadcast storm’ had been experienced, the internal network issue had also affected our core switch and routers. It was not clear as to which device was the root cause of the ... Read More »

26th Jan 2014
Power and Network Maintenance Scheduled on Friday November 29 2013

Works to the network and power systems will be conducted on Friday November 29th 2013. Power Systems: Due to a fault discovered early this week, works to our power systems were scheduled to resolve these issues to prevent future problems as a result of the discovered fault. Work commenced on Wednesday 27th November 2013 with an initial ... Read More »

28th Nov 2013
Emergency power maintenance

Due to a fault in part of our power systems, emergency maintenance on our power circuits, UPS, and Disel generator begin at 11am on Wednesday 27 November. Due to the nature of the works, some equipment may be affected resulting in some minor outages. We expect to maintain power to all core equipment at all times. Any outages as a result of these ... Read More »

26th Nov 2013